2nd March 2020

We are pleased to report the recent publication of a research paper describing the reportiore of toxins produced by the coral Tubastraea coccinea and what happens upon relocation Read More

12th June 2018

Today's poster presentation signals the public launch of our Active-8 Research Initiative for the Discovery of New Antimicrobials

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16th August 2017

Aulesa Biosciences joins the Alzheimer's Association's Business Consortium

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18th and 19th July 2017

Alzheimer's Association's International Conference, Excel Centre, London

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1st June 2017

The official launch of our website.

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PROTEOMICS Workshops and Training Seminars


Interested in learning more about proteomics? This may be the course for you.


Vast arrays of protein molecules are produced by living cells and the overall protein content of any cell type or biological fluid is both diverse and dynamic. Proteins can provide clues regarding disease mechanisms and the status of individual patients. Importantly too, proteins can inform about a given patient’s response to therapy. Hence, proteomics is becoming a key aspect of modern healthcare and medicine.


The proteomics seminar/workshop will provide attendees with an understanding of proteomics and how these studies add value throughout the drug development pipeline. The fundamentals of proteomics will be explained through a series of lectures and worked examples and the bioanalytical technologies typically deployed will be demonstrated using case studies designed to investigate changes associated with disease, drug treatment or environmental factors.


At the end of the workshop attendees will:

  • Be aware of the utility of proteomics within drug development and clinical settings
  • Understand basic concepts of the mass spectrometric techniques, which enable the analysis of proteins
  • Appreciate how these techniques can be applied to the analysis of biomarkers and post-translational modifications
  • Gain practical data analysis experience regarding protein identification using mass spectrometry results


 One day workshop: £199.00 + VAT

 ½ day seminar: £99.00 + VAT 

To register an initial expression of interest please email



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